Computer Science exist over 60 years and is the science that studies the techniques, methodologies and computational tools that automates processes and develops solutions based on the use of the digital processing. Not only restricted to the study of algorithms, their applications and implementation in the form of software, extrapolating any and all knowledge based on the computer, which also involves telecommunication, database and applications technology that enable reaching data processing of input and output, so that it becomes information. Thus, the Computer Science also covers modeling techniques and data communication protocols, and principles covering other specialties of the area.

"Computer science is as much about the computer as astronomy with the telescope, the microscope in biology or chemistry with test tubes. Science does not study tools, but what we do and we found them." - Edsger Dijkstra Wybe


The computer is a robot that provides services with intelligence, if we know how to tell him what we want, he will understand all respond according to our needs.

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